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Brand: DAINESE Model: 1915938-691
Dainese AIR BREATH D1. Изработена от Coolmax® Extreme плат с антибактериалнo въздействие . Дишаща. Еластична материя Ергономично прилягане  Дишаща материя  Extreme плат Coolmax® Fresh FX третиране на антибактериални препарати..
Ex Tax:203.33лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1735202-77F
Леко, спортно  вентилирано лятно яке . Усъвършенстваната D-Synth 350 гарантира леко тегло, докато  мрежестите панели  наистина позволяват на охлаждащия въздух да преминава. Регулируемите ръкави и китките дават пълен контрол, а дългият гръб осигурява пълно покритие. Това яке също защитено..
Ex Tax:325.83лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1775218-604
Ease in step for uncompromising life in the city. This certified shoe perfectly combines a modern look with the technical quality of sports materials such as microfiber. Firm TPU inserts guarantee heel and malleol protection, while the Dainese differentiated sole is designed to offer maximum effects..
Ex Tax:293.33лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1795223-628
Axial D1 Air boots are the latest generation of Dainese trackboat used by the best athletes on the most legendary international racetracks.A new performance indicator that once again raises technological innovation and the level of protection in the world of motorcycle racing. The new design of velc..
Ex Tax:977.50лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 201775220-w12
Perfect for use at high temperatures, it is each other everywhere, both on city streets and outside the city. This ventilated summer shoe offers every publisher an ideal level of protection. Connect the insoles in the ankle and heel, and the highly durable fabric upper ensures the highest safety sta..
Ex Tax:293.33лв.
Model: 5025584
Enduro pants..
292.32лв. 324.80лв.
Ex Tax:243.60лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1815927-B78
Защитата на Dainese гарантира комфорт и безопасност при справяне с всеки маршрут. Тази дълга ръкавица е предназначена за спортно каране, като предлага на всеки ездач най-високите нива на чувствителност и безопасност при каране, като се има предвид качеството на кожената му конструкция и TPU протекто..
Ex Tax:195.83лв.
Brand: AGV Model: 200041A4MY-003
AGV’s latest version of this premium sport helmet now features a new construction for the inner liner, designed with high-performance fabrics and with no stitching in sensitive areas, making for an extremely comfortable fit. The lightweight shell is made from a carbonfiberglass mix, while stability ..
Ex Tax:603.33лв.
Brand: AGV Model: 216301A2MY-004
Versatility determines K6. Suitable for any type of riding, it incorporates the best features from the worlds of sport and travel and is ideal for taking on any two-wheeler challenge, from cornering to winding roads to long-distance travel and everyday city driving. Its carbon and aramid fiber shell..
Ex Tax:864.17лв.
Brand: THOR Model: 29200514
Terrain Jacket S9 is the perfect jacket for cold days for Enduro and Offroad!This jacket is a must for every Offroad pilot!- Glued seams and Hipora coating for increased water resistance.- Collar, lined with Lite, for better comfort.- Two-way front zipper adaptable to the driving position.- Mesh lin..
Ex Tax:312.85лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 2795227
This racing shoe is made of microfiber and D-Stone ™ with TPU inserts with high traction. Practicality and safety are guaranteed by the change of the magnesium sliders, the protection of the nylon on the shell, the heel and the toe and the D-Axial shut-off system in the TPU, which prevents any torsi..
Ex Tax:554.17лв.
Brand: SCRAMBLER DUCATI Model: 000044
Displacement: 1079 cc.Power: 86 hp (88 Nm @ 4750 rpm)Gearbox - 6 gearsEngine: 4 stroke, L-two-cylinder 2 valves per cylinder and air coolingRIDE by WIRE electronic throttle controlThe model is equipped with an adjustable 45mm Marzocchi usd suspensionRear suspension - Adjustable suspension Kayaba mon..
Ex Tax:23,750.00лв.
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