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Brand: DAINESE Model: 1D20013-622
The highest protection standard in the sport-touring world. This jacket combines the ultimate standalone airbag system, that covers collarbones, shoulders, chest and back, with the key features of the D-Cyclone - including a breathable waterproof Gore-Tex® 2L membrane, protective cowhide leather ins..
Ex Tax:2,933.33лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 21D20016-I96
Runway protection technology. The Dainese Misano D-Air perforated jacket offers an exclusive D-Air system introduced in the Dainese Misano racing teamThe Dainese D Air Misano perforated jacket uses an intelligent protection system that combines a wireless airbag system with advanced microprocessor t..
Ex Tax:2,608.33лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 201D20022 22A 50
Perforated version, evolving with the state-of-the-art D-air® airbag system. This jacket combines the dream fit with the highest D-air® safety standards and Level 2 shoulder and elbow protection. stretchable areas ensure perfect comfort.1 inside pocket2 outer front pocketsReflective insertsD-AIR® co..
Ex Tax:1,950.00лв.
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