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Brand: DAINESE Model: 1775218-622
Лекота в крачка за безкомпромисен живот в града. Тази сертифицирана обувка перфектно съчетава модерен външен вид с техническото качество на спортни материали като микрофибър. Твърдите вложки от TPU гарантират защита на петата и малеола, докато диференцираната подметка на Dainese е проектирана да пре..
Ex Tax:276.67лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1775218-604
Ease in step for uncompromising life in the city. This certified shoe perfectly combines a modern look with the technical quality of sports materials such as microfiber. Firm TPU inserts guarantee heel and malleol protection, while the Dainese differentiated sole is designed to offer maximum effects..
Ex Tax:276.67лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 201775220-w12
Perfect for use at high temperatures, it is each other everywhere, both on city streets and outside the city. This ventilated summer shoe offers every publisher an ideal level of protection. Connect the insoles in the ankle and heel, and the highly durable fabric upper ensures the highest safety sta..
Ex Tax:293.33лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1775195-578
Dainese Afterace sneakers have a mesh top to keep you fresh.Reflective insertsRubber soleClosing with linksVentilated fabric..
Ex Tax:147.50лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1775139-005
Rubber soleLeatherAnkle protectionPolyurethane insertsCover with air chambers, fabric with ribsClutch fuse..
Ex Tax:327.50лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1775159-005
Boots Dean D-WP specially designed for men who are looking for a modern look.These boots are comfortable and practical with a zipper for city traffic or for walking in the hills. Their water resistance breathable D-WP membrane makes it properly safer even in adverse weather conditions.Closing with l..
Ex Tax:244.17лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 201775224
GORE-TEX® weather protection meets Dainese safety standards in the unique design of an urban sneaker. Leather and premium materials, combined with an exceptional toe structure that features a unique quick-closing system, a leather strap cover that offers practicality and protection, and a cool with ..
Ex Tax:325.83лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1775179-F13
Dainese Dyno D1 shoesTaking advantage of the many features found in racing shoes, the Dainese Dyno D1 is designed to provide street racers with increased mobility for protection and comfort in front of your Nikes. Use a new type of foam padding, train the Dyno D1 to give a thinner profile and weigh ..
Ex Tax:327.50лв.
Model: 1775178-604
Dainese Dyno Pro D1 ShoesBristling with race grade protection and features, the Dainese Dyno Pro D1 Shoes are the direct descendant of Dainese's top-of-the-line race boots. Using a new type of foam padding, the Dyno D1 Shoes have a slimmer profile and weigh less than previous versions, all while inc..
Ex Tax:392.50лв.
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