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Brand: DAINESE Model: 1876040-001
The perfect combination of flexibility, lightness and protection, Pro-Armor Chest 1PC L2 is the Level 2 chest protector designed to be worn with one-piece suits and to guarantee the highest levels of comfort and safety.Extremely light due to use of the Xelion 2.0 materi..
Ex Tax:107.50лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1876022-001
Dainese 'Hybrid Neck Brace' uses soft cushions under the carbon fiber frame to help absorb any impact, while the hard frame distributes and transfers the load, hence the name 'Hybrid' (a combination of hard + soft technology).100% carbon fiber..
Ex Tax:654.17лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1876133-001
Dainese knee and elbow protection bumper.CE level 1Breathable designFlexible compositionSold as a pair of 14 cm W x 24 cm H (5.5 "W x 9.4" H)..
Ex Tax:48.33лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1876134-001
Shoulder protectors Dainese Kit Pro-ArmorCE level 1 certifiedBreathable designFlexible compositionSold as a pair 17cm W x 24cm H (6.7 "W x 9.4" H)..
Ex Tax:52.50лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1876066-001
Dainese Knee V E1 composite knee protectors protect the lower leg, knee and lower thigh. Certified according to EN 1621.1 The perforation provides excellent ventilationCE - Cat certified. II - EN 1621.1Elastic band with velcroPerforated platesCladding with double liningExternal polyethylene platesIn..
Ex Tax:107.50лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1876031-001
This innovative back protector features a highly sophisticated design and is specifically designed for use on the track. The design differs from the traditional concept and sets new standards for comfort. Its innovative production solution provides much more freedom of movement than its predecessors..
Ex Tax:276.67лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1875807-001
NECK 5 WITH STRAP consists of an articulated neck support that accompanies your every move and keeps you in every driving position.This is a system of connected plates that reproduce the shape of the cervical spine and accompany it in movements.NECK 5 has a strap, a product that gets its name from t..
Ex Tax:77.50лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1876166
Better than ever with a superb feel from a new contact surface. New dynamic shape, designed for optimal smooth contact, made of high-density polymer, providing increased durability.Dynamic shape for optimal and smooth contactVelcro fastener for strong fitThermoplastic polyurethane..
Ex Tax:73.33лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1876142
This back protector is the perfect combination of flexibility, lightness and strength. With 43% of its surface perforated, the variable model of the Pro-Armor G1 is the ideal solution for motorcyclists looking for comfort and ventilation. Made from expanded nitrile rubber, which is flexible and elas..
Ex Tax:124.17лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 201876094-001
G1 is suitable for all womens jackets with pockets for back protectors and mens jackets up to Euro size 48.Lumbar protector compatible with predisposed Dainese jacketsLiner in thermoformed polyethylene foamLumbar jointBack protector certified to CE - Cat. II - EN 1621.2/2014 lev. 1 StandardBack prot..
Ex Tax:114.17лв.
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