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Brand: DAINESE Model: 1915942-620
Dainese D-Core Dry PantsConstructed of environmentally friendly materials and without seams for year round riding comfort, the Dainese D-Core Dry Pants wick away moisture and help maintain optimal body temperature throughout varying weather conditions.  Ergonomics and Comfort:80% Dryarn 15..
Ex Tax:73.33лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1915924
Thermo which D-Mantle Fleece.Optimized for use on a motorcycle made of thermal fabric, which makes it ideal for combating cold weather.This jacket has achieved over 65% thermal insulation  ..
Ex Tax:185.00лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 201915925
Dainese D-Mantle Fleece WS Pants Keep the cold out with Dainese D Mantle base layers. Designed to prevent the biting sting of cold air from getting through to your skin, the D Mantle Fleece keeps in body heat while NoWind fabric blocks old man Winter's icy breath, extending your riding season and ma..
Ex Tax:146.67лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 201915926
Dainese No Wind Layer D1 Shirt When the temperature starts to fall a rider's worst enemy is wind. Blocking the wind from wicking away body heat keeps you warmer and riding longer. The Dainese No Wind Layer D1 Shirt provides a wind and water blocking barrier that is easily worn comfortably over your ..
Ex Tax:195.83лв.
Brand: DAINESE Model: 1915855-724
DAINESE WS NECK GAITER The Dainese WS Neck Gaiter motorcycle windproof neck heater is practical and flexible...
Ex Tax:57.50лв.
Brand: THOR Model: 2940-0156/5
Molded EVA lining for hips, wrapped in soft spandex material. Tights foam pad on the crotch reduces friction. Elastic belt strap. Tested and certified according to the requirements of Directive 89/686 / EEC, category 1...
Ex Tax:50.00лв.
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