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Displacement: 803 cc.

Power: 73 hp (67 Nm @ 5750 rpm)

Gearbox - 6 gears

Engine: 4 stroke, L-two-cylinder 2 valves per cylinder and air cooling

The model is equipped with a Kayaba 41mm rear suspension

Rear suspension - Hardness adjustable suspension with Kayaba spring

Front drop and 18 "tire

Rear drop and 17 "tire

Lightweight, aluminum drops

Tank volume 13.5 liters

Net weight 189 kg, ready for the road, with full tank (Net weight according to DIN According to Directive 93/93 / EC with all working fluids, with tank filled up to 90% of its capacity)

Consumption - 5.0 l / 100 km

Front brakes - 330mm disc with Brembo radial 4-piston caliper

Brembo pumps and metal hoses

Rear brakes: 245mm single-piston disc

Seat height - 798 mm

Euro 4

Standard equipment:

  • Bosch ABS Cornering - Anti-lock braking system with angle sensor
  • Steel tank with replaceable side panels
  • DRL headlight
  • LED turn signals, display information on gear and fuel level and replaceable cover
  • Trunk under the seat with USB jack
  • Black engine
  • Polished, aluminum belt cover

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