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Streetfighter V4

Displacement: 1103 cc.

Power - 208 hp (123 Nm @ 12,750 rpm)

Gearbox - 6 speed

Engine - 4 stroke, Desmosedici Stradale 90`, counterclockwise rotation, 4 valves per cylinder and water cooled RIDE by WIRE electronic throttle control

The model is equipped with an adjustable 43mm Showa BPF fork

Rear suspension - Adjustable Sachs with aluminum, one-way hinge.

Tank volume - 16 liters

Net weight - 201 kg, prepared for travel, with full tank (Net weight according to DIN According to Directive 93/93 / EC with all working fluids, with tank filled up to 90% of its capacity)

Front brakes - 2x330mm semi-floating discs Brembo radial 4-piston M4,30 devices Brembo pumps and metal hoses

Rear brakes - 245mm disc with two-piston calipers

Seat height - 845 mm


Security systems

  • Bosch ABS Cornering EVO - Anti-lock braking system with angle sensor
  • DTC - Evo traction control with 8 operating modes
  • DUCATI WHEELIE CONTROL system against front tire lift when accelerating with 8 operating modes
  • RIDING MODES - three control modes (Race, Sport and Wet) with special engine settings (Power Mode, ABS, DTC)
  • POWER MODES - three types of engine power settings depending on the selected control mode
  • Engine Brake Control - Control the engine brake
  • Auto Tire Calibration - Automatically calibrates the tire ramer with engine settings
  • Ducati Slide Control - A system that works with traction control and controls traction on the tire, allowing controllable delivery when cornering


Standard equipment

  • Ducati Power Launch Evo (DPL) - A system that provides the fastest and safest start.
  • Ducati Quick Shift up / down Evo (DQS) - possibility to shift gears, up and down, without clutch
  • Quick button setup
  • Latest generation color display
  • GPS Module
  • RIDE by WIRE electronic throttle control
  • Lap Timer Evo - Timing system
  • Self-timer turn signals
  • Pit Limiter - speed limiter when leaving the box
  • Fully LED lights
  • Daytime running lights
  • Marchesini shod drops
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Carbon front fender
  • High flow air filter


Extra equipment:

  • Polished plug to plug the holes in the side mirrors
  • Removable holder for the rear number
  • Ducati Data Analyzer - Data analysis system

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