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Displacement: 937 cubic cm.

Power: 111 hp. pp. (93 Nm @ 6. 500 rpm)

Dry weight 166 kg.

Net weight 188 kg. ready for use, with full tank (Own weight according to DIN According to Directive 93/93 / EC with all working fluids, with tank filled up to 90% of its capacity)

Еngine: 4 stroke, two-cylinder with water cooling.

The model is equipped with adjustable front suspension Kayaba 43mm;

Adjustable rear shock absorber SACHS

Brake pumps and apparatus BREMBO M4. 32 with metal hoses

Seat height of 820 mm. With option for lower seat and suspension up to 775 mm.


Security systems

  • DUCATI TRACTION CONTROL traction control with 8 operating modes
  • Ducati Cornering Bosch ABS - Anti-lock braking system with angle sensor BOSCH 9. 1 MP with 3 operating modes
  • RIDING MODE three control modes (Touring, Sport and Urban) with special engine settings (Power Mode, ABS, DTC) POWER MODE three types of engine power settings depending on the selected control mode (111 hp in Touring Mode with smooth deployment when accelerating, 111 hp in Sport Mode with aggressive deployment when accelerating, 75 hp in Urban Mode with smooth deployment when accelerating).

Standard equipment

  • SLIPPER CLUTCH - sliding clutch
  • FULL RIDE by WIRE electronic throttle control
  • DQS DUCATI QUICK SHIFT UP / DOWN Clutchless shift control
  • Bluetooth Multimedia Module (OPTION)
  • LED- Headlight, daytime running lights and stop
  • Board computer,
  • TFT 4. 3 "color display, changing the information supplied to the driver, depending on the selected control mode,

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