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Начало Екипировка Екипи T. TRICKSTER EVO P. ESTIVA



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Suit: Kangaroo Leather (Kangaroo leather) 
Telescopic parts: S1 fabric


Comfort (ergonomics)

Microelastic insert: (thigh / under knee / shoulder rear part). With this patented extension part, it provides excellent stretchability even in parts that can not be sheared. 
Bi-axial structure: The best operation performance is realized by splitting the shearing used in the whole into two, "armpits - waist" and "back of the shoulder blade" and sewing it. 
Boot in system compatible: By matching with a special boots, you can professional specification of "Boots are medium, skirt out". 
Calf double fastener: Closing both of the calves' fasteners and tightly closing it allows for boots out (boots outside). 
Inseam, inner sleeve, calves and other parts requiring moderate softness, use elastic inserts. 
Even with a considerable forward tilting posture, a stretchable insert is adopted behind the neck so that you can see the front with a firm helmet up.


Comfort (temperature adjustment)

By punching a specific part, you effectively escape the heat. 
NanoFeel liner / removable with excellent antibacterial and deodorant properties by silver ion processing


Main Specifications

Aeroro dynamic hump to reduce air resistance on the back. 
The inside of the hump can be replaced with a water bag kit as an option (product code 1996256) 
Adopt soft inserts for upper arms etc. 
One inner pocket One 
exclusive suit case is attached. 
A cleaning kit for maintenance is included.



(European patent pending) 
Suit to boot fastening system (European patent n ° EP 0 950 361 B) 
Bi-axial elastic inserted system 
(Italian patent n ° 1380444, European patent pending) Localized perforation (Italian patent n ° 1380447, European patent n ° 2055452) 
Adjustable slider (European patent n ° 1962625) 
Perforated structure (Community Design n ° 000528088-0001) 
Racing suit (Community Design n ° 001111983-0001 / 0004) 
Plate for collarbone (European patenting)

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