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Dainese Carbon D1 Short Gloves
Combining the best in race-level protection in an affordable short cuff sport glove that delivers stunning performance. Certified to CE - Cat. II, the Dainese Carbon D1 Short Gloves might not get you to a track day, but it is the perfect glove for barreling through canyons, winding up mountains or bombing backroads. The soft goat and sheepskin leather maintains maximum dexterity while carbon knuckles, polyurethane inserts and distortion control keep your mitts wrapped in veritable cage of protection. 


Soft inserts
Silicone print on the fingers for extra grip
Adjustable cuff strap
Elasticated inserts
Pre-curved fingers
Microelastic elasticated inserts
Neoprene cuff
Sheepskin leather
Reinforcement in goatskin between thumb,index and palm
Amica suede super soft palm
Composite inserts in carbon fiber on the knuckles
Polyurethane insert on the joints of the fingers and palm
Distortion control on little finger
Gloves certified to CE - Cat. II - Pr-EN 13594 Standard lev. 1
One single leather panel to the size of the hand
Perforation on inner side of finger

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