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Начало Екипировка Каски K-5 JET E2205 MULTI - URBAN HUNTER



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Product description AGV K5 Jet Urban Hunter
AGV K-5 JET E2205 motorcycle helmet. This Maxi-jet is beautifully streamlined for both touring and urban use. 


- Impact protection
- Field of vision
- Compact design
- Ventilation
- Ergonomics
- Lightweight

Key Features:
- Patented XQRS (Extra Quick Release System) visor mechanism in metal for very fast tool-free removal.
- Integrated spoiler.
- Rear air extractors can be opened and closed.
- The long and wide visor covers and protects the face to below the level of the chin
- New closing Visor Magnetic System (VMS)

Main Features:
- Shell in CAF (carbon-fiberglass) 
- 4 EPS
- IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with channels hollowed directly in the shell
- Fabrics in Dry Comfort
- Micro-metric adjustment buckle
- Sun visor
- Multi Density EPSIMPORTANT NOTE This helmet has been built, tested and approved according to the European regulations ECE/ONU R22.05, so it can only be used in countries where this European homologation ECE/ONU R22.05 is approved. TRADEINN is not responsible for the use that may be made of this helmet in other countries that are not subject to this European homologation ECE/ONU R22.05, discouraging the use of this in those countries. By means of this notice, the buyer is aware of this fact and, therefore, undertakes not to use the helmet in any territory in which this European homologation ECE/ONU R22.05 is not approved, assuming responsibility for its use, in these countries, renouncing to claim responsibility and / or compensation to TRADEINN in the event of any accident or damage of any kind. In particular, this helmet is not intended for use in the USA or Canada for failing to meet the requirements of these countries. 

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