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Начало Екипировка Каски HORIZON E2205 MULTI - RACER



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The Horizon is mainly intended for GT and Sport Touring purposes which involve frequent long periods of use, often at high speed under variable conditions of weather and light.
With this GT spirit in mind the Horizon is principally functional but the DD strap, overall lightness and spoiler (which enhances its aggressive look and aerodynamic properties) give it a more of a Race helmet character.
Ventilation has been optimised by means of an integrated IVS system consisting of ducts hollowed in the shell for improved air circulation and better aerodynamic efficiency.
The new cheek pads have a 3D layout for improved comfort and have been specially shaped to reduce noise levels more effectively. New Dri-Lex® fabrics provide a cool environment and comfort while decreasing any sensation of pull when putting the helmet on or taking it off.
The mechanism for opening and closing the visor has three customisable settings according to helmet use (Touring, Race and City) and features the XQRS system for quick removal.
The Horizon has been designed to accept the new integrated communication platform SHARE.

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