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 Product return information

Overdrivemoto implements Directive 83/2011 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on consumer rights.

Here you can find basic information about return rights. For more information, please see the General Terms of Use of the website.

User rights when returning a product

You have the right to return a product from an order within 14 calendar days, without an explicit obligation to state the reason for your decision.

The product return period ends after the expiration of these 14 calendar days from the first day. Day one is determined by:

* delivery date;

* provided that you have different products in one order, the first day is the day on which the last product of the order is delivered.

LIST To exercise your right to return a product, please follow these steps:

Choose a payment method. If the order you want to return is paid with a credit or debit card, the amount will be refunded to the account associated with your card. If you have paid by another method, the amount will be returned by bank transfer to an account of your choice or by cash courier company.

Product return address

Sofia Trakia Motorway 1st km. Tuning Center Overdrive


In case you want to replace with another size or make a replacement with another model, you must comply with the conditions listed above. Contact an employee of Overdrive AD on tel. +359 884100712 and he will help you choose the right size or model, as well as inform you if the desired size is available.


You will be informed when the goods arrive in our warehouse. Once we check the status of the returned products, you will be informed if all return conditions are met. If you have chosen to receive the amount by bank transfer, we will inform you when the payment has been made.

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